‘Destroyer Angel’ – Anna Pigeon

51pKx1iC9nL__AA160_Nevada Barr is back with another hit, “Destroyer Angel,” the latest in the Anna Pigeon series. This time the former Mississippi author takes the mystery-solving, adventure-seeking and crime-fighting U.S. Park Service ranger to the Iron Range in Minnesota.

Anna, the heroine in 17 best-sellers, is enjoying the outdoors with two female friends and their daughters. Returning characters include Heath, a paraplegic, and her adopted teenage daughter. All have come together to help Leah and her daughter test camping equipment, including a rock-climbing wheelchair, for disabled adventurers. When Anna returns from a solo canoe float, she finds four crooks holding her small group captive.

It’s up to Anna to save the day with her come-to-be expected resourcefulness, resilience and respect for the land. As readers have discovered for themselves, Barr has created Anna as a woman who stands tall in a man’s world. She does whatever is necessary to protect those she loves or who have been put in her care. (If you don’t like tough women, don’t read Barr’s novels.)

An added feature in Barr’s latest novel is that she tells the story from different points of view – those of Anna as well as head kidnapper Charles. The carefully crafted dialogue lets the reader see the plot unfold, struggling with each character to cross the mountains and achieve their personal goals.